Advertising = Communication

I have learned how to advertise in effective and economic ways. Look at the examples on this page.

In the past, bricks and mortar businesses opened on Main Street, and prospered and failed by the products and service they offered. Then, mail order, radio, TV, and the internet, came along. All the rules changed. Aside from referrals from satisfied customers, all businesses have to advertise in one form or another.

Advertising is communication, and it is necessary. There is so much bad advertising, that it makes the good advertising guilty by association. Still, you must advertise or your chances for survival are slim. There is an old saying in this field, “If you don’t advertise, it is like winking in the dark—you are the only one who knows what you’re doing.”

Here are some advertising rules:

You can’t be dull or boring, or you will not be noticed. Much advertising you see depends on repetition, jingles, and humor. These are valuable, but to a very limited degree.

The questions you must answer with your ad are:

  1. What (exactly) are you selling? It is worthwhile to give this considerable thought.
  2. Where can customers buy your product? Do you have a place they can come to? (A large percentage of customers find products and services with mobile devices, so make that technology work for you. You should consider a web site, ebay stores, social media links, and other options. For each, plan your advertising accordingly.)
  3. How much do you charge? (It is important to give this consideration, in that you have to study the competition, and set your prices correctly—too low, or too high are not good.
  4. Why should your prospective customers buy from you? Are you cheaper? Do you offer high quality? And, in view of the shoddy service offered by most companies, what makes your service so much better? Remember, that you should be treating your customers like the golden goose eggs they are.
  5.  How can customers contact you for questions? If you are emphasizing service, be careful not to lose the customer in endless phone options. Why not try having a human answer the inquiry?

 Be focused, be complete, and respect your customers!


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